Gentle Chiropractic Adjustments with
Drop Table Technique!

How You May Benefit From Drop Table Technique:
  • Reduce pain and aches
  • Increase strength
  • Greater resistance to injuries
  • Improve flexibility
  • Improve tolerance to stress

What Can Drop Table Technique Treat?

The "drop technique" is a chiropractic method known as the "drop table technique" or "drop piece technique," introduced in the 1950s by Dr. J. Clay Thompson.

The drop table technique provides a controlled and precise adjustment while minimizing the force applied to the patient's body. It can be suitable for individuals who prefer a gentler approach to chiropractic care, especially those uncomfortable with traditional manual adjustments. Like manual chiropractic adjustments, this technique can help the following:

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How Drop Table Technique Works

Drop Technique is a low-force technique in which you will lie face down on the specially designed chiropractic table with different segments that can be elevated and then dropped. This dropping action provides a rapid but gentle adjustment force to guide the bones of your spine into the correct position and help relieve pressure on the spine's nerves.

The treatment varies from patient to patient as some may notice a change after the first adjustment, while some may have to take several sessions for improvements.

If you have pain related to the spine, the Drop Technique may help you. You may contact Kelly Wellness & Chiropractic at (408) 900-6090 to learn more about the technique.

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